Wonders of the Natural World Magazine (Digital Version)

A ’blue marble’ covered in swathes of indigo, green, and gold, our precious planet is filled with amazing landscapes. Formed by the forces of nature, Earth’s unique environment includes rainforests so dense they can only be seen from above, sandy desert oases that have fostered the world’s oldest civilisations, and gorgeous water features that look as if they were designed by an artist. For many travellers, the natural world easily beats man-made landmarks with its diversity, history, and eye-watering majesty. However, these monuments to Mother Nature can sometimes be as rare as the endangered creatures that call them home. The natural environment is under threat. Climate change means that within 50 years, some of these amazing sights could disappear, retreating into the past and melting away from the future. Thankfully, growing awareness of the climate crisis means much is being done to save these sights. As humans, our job is to live respectfully and sustainably, and that includes our travels. This bookazine will not only show you the wonders of the natural world, it will also demonstrate the most eco-conscious ways to visit them. Each destination is packed with useful tips and suggestions, from green modes of transport to the best eco-hotels. Grab your reusable water bottle and reef-safe sunscreen, and use this bookazine as a guide to your next sustainable vacation. Let’s get going!

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