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SINT Led Ring Light 10" with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for Live Streaming & YouTube Video TIK-Tok, Dimmable Desk Makeup Ring Light for Photography, Shooting with 3 Light Modes & 10 Brightness Level

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  • The SINT ring light offers three lighting modes: white, warm yellow, and warm white. Each mode has ten adjustable brightness levels, providing flexibility to suit your specific requirements. With 120 bulbs, this ring light surpasses the bulb count of many 8'' and 9'' ring lights and even competes with some larger 12" and 14" models.
  • The SINT ring light comes with a universal phone holder that can extend up to 3.93 inches (10cm), accommodating most smartphones with or without a case. The phone clip is versatile, allowing you to position your phone in either horizontal or vertical orientation for your convenience.
  • The SINT ring light is USB powered, providing flexibility and convenience. You can connect it to various devices such as USB chargers, mobile power banks, computer hosts, and laptops. This feature allows you to enjoy the benefits of the LED ring light anytime and anywhere without limitations.
  • The package of the SINT ring light includes essential components such as a 10" ring light, a tripod stand, a hot shoe mount, a metal ball mount, and a phone clip. These items are all included to provide a complete setup for your lighting and photography needs.

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