Scrikss Graph-x 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil Dark Grey

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Scrikss Graph-x 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil Dark Grey

The Graph-X range was launched in 2010 and represents the beginning of the production, by the Scrikss company, of professional technical writing and drawing tools. This range incorporates state-of-the-art technologies in fine mechanics that allow this product to stand out on the market through exceptional performance and precision.

Graph-X pleasantly surprises the consumer of the area of ​​technical and artistic creativity, through a design that has the latest ergonomic studies behind it, through an impeccable quality of finishes, through an exceptional comfort during use. The brass body gives it an optimal weight in use, and the hexagonal shape ensures the stability of the instrument, not allowing it to roll when it is placed on the work table.

The ergonomically aligned brass grip ensures a perfect grip, making it impossible for the mechanical pencil to slip out of your hand. Also, another reference point of the writer is the mechanical minimandrine for holding the brass mine, as well as the strength indicator of the mine that correlates the pressure of the minimandrine on the mine depending on its strength. The 0.5 and 0.7 mm mechanical pencil is equipped with an interchangeable mini radius hidden under the push-button, the click button located in the upper head of the body. trumps make Graph-X a writing and sketching tool appreciated and desired at the same time by all drawing enthusiasts, be it artistic or technical.

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