Pantone Smart 11-2309 TCX Color Swatch Card | Petal Pink

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• Magazine Cafe is an Authorized Pantone Dealer and sells Authentic Pantone products only.

• Smart Color swatch cards are used to specify PANTONE Colors for apparel and textile dyeing.

• Each 4" x 4" smart color cotton swatch card open's up to 4" x 8" for best color visualization and evaluation.

• Individual smart color cotton swatch card is identified with four PANTONE Color name and number i.e Petal Pink, 11-2309 TCX.

• Each swatch card can be cut into 4 numbered strips and sent to multiple locations. Most accurate and effective way to communicate and specify color choices to clients and manufacturers.

• Spectral data is available for download from

• Dye formulations readily available from PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS dyestuff licensees.

• The consistency and accuracy of the PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors assures reliable color.

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