Hightide Attache Marbled Fountain Pen

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Color: Navy Blue
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So what's an attaché? 

Well, it feels a bit unrelated to this beautiful pen, but bear with us! An attaché is essentially a thin briefcase used for carrying papers and sometimes you'll notice it's referred to as an attaché case. 

So where'd the word originate from? Attaché comes from the French attacher, which literally means 'attached' and it was first applied to someone working for a diplomat, such as a junior officer.

Cue the Hightide Attache Fountain Pen: is it something you'll become 'attacher' to? We hope so! It's a gorgeous little thing to look at, that's for sure and even nicer to write with. The body is made using acrylic and has this lovely marbled effect, which means no two pens are really the same in terms of the marbling on the body. When the acrylic catches the light, the colours pop and almost take on a life of their own - the swirls, the vibrancy and the gold accents against the body really make it stand out. 

The nib is Fine (F) made from stainless steel and 24K gold plated. When we tested it, it felt really effortless to produce beautiful font without needing to press too hard; the ink just flows. Depending on how you adjust your wrist, you can produce a very fine line or something slightly broader. 

Now it's no secret that this pen is compact! Good things come in small packages, right? It's a mere 10.3cm in length which is the perfect size to pop in a pencil case, pocket or outer pocket of your bag. I mean, it's hardly going to take up any room at all but the beauty of it is that it has a nice thick barrel so when you're holding it, it doesn't feel flimsy (which is important when you're using a fountain pen; it gives stability when writing). It takes standard short ink cartridges so you can use all sorts of cartridge colours to experiment and have the perfect pairing with your pen. 


Size Package / W12.5 × H2.2 × D3.3 (cm)
Main body / Diameter 1.3 × Length 10.3 (cm)
Weight Approx. 100 g
Main material Acrylic
Packaging Paper presentation box
Nib  Fine (F) 24K Stainless Steel
Ink Type Standard short cartridges (1 blue ink cartridge included)
Colour Available in four colours

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