FMK: Fuck Marry Kill

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Fuck, Marry, Kill is a hypothetical question game. Three things (generally people) are proposed as the subjects and you choose which would be the most desirable to fuck, to marry, and to kill.

  • Fuck: This is your hit it / quit it option. It could be great while it lasts but they're better suited for a booty-call than a relationship.
  • Marry: This one's good for the long term. Bring 'em home to mom, buy a home, raise a family, and spend a lifetime with them. You're stuck 'til death do you part.
  • Kill: This is the one you can't stand the site of this one. Rid them from your life completely.

When people are not the subject of the question, players assign their own meaning to the titles. Generally you "marry" the most desirable subject, "fuck" the next most desirable, and "kill" the least desirable.

Above you'll see the names and photos or three people with the FMK options underneath each. Make your decision by clicking on one of those options under each person. Once you've chosen for each, you'll see how your choices compare to the most popular choice. Then you're ready to play again with new people.Visit Magazine Cafe Store to buy this game.

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