Wood Carved Cutlery Stand

Color: White
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This white cutlery stand is a hand-carved offering that has been crafted from wood. Hand-carved woodwork employs the use of sharp tools like chisels to create highly detailed designs and fine inscriptions on wood by hand. This distinguishing feature results in unique offerings that are hard to replicate. This art form is widely practiced in India and involves long hours of manual labor and precision

Colors :White

Production Method :Hand Carved

Feature 1 :Metal handle on top enables easy carrying

Feature 2 :Mango wood build makes the coasters durable and highly water-resistant

Material Description :Wood

Care Description :Wipe with a damp cloth

Disclaimer :This cutlery stand has been made from solid mango wood that has a beautiful straight, curly or interlocked grain pattern. This inherent characteristic makes every product unique and authentic

Pack Contents :1 unit of cutlery stand

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