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Rock Sound Magazine: The classic rock, metal or alternative photo is something that seems oh so common nowadays – flick through the pages of any music mag such as the excellent Rock Sound and you will see any number of images of three to five men (and occasionally the odd woman) scowling out at you in near identical poses. Well, these don’t simply happen by accident, and I’m here to explain to you some of the intricacies involved. Firstly, lighting. It is important to get the right level and quality of light to suit your band – after all if your band is a brightly coloured and fairly happy sounding ska ensemble you need a brighter light than for a death metal band. Preferably the shoot should take place outside – natural light, though painful to the musician does not actually create lasting damage. Secondly, clothing. Again this should suit the mood of the band, though black is always a winner. Ripped and torn is entirely optional, but can help in giving that ‘just mugged’ look. Positioning is the third and last thing we’re going to look at. All the members of the band should be directly facing the camera, though having one member standing sideways is a good option. The singer is central, and slightly closer than the other bands, with the bassist and drummer furthest away (you don’t want THEM getting any exposure). Finally, everyone should be looking directly at the camera with a fine scowl – tell them to imagine someone stole that riff they came up with last week – and ideally at least half of them should have their arms crossed, signifying their attitude. And there we have it, the perfect shot. Thankyou for watching, Overdrive and out. 

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