Pinstriped Cotton Table Runner with Frayed Border

Color: Beige
LBH (Inches):
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Experience the goodness of cotton with this tablecloth brought to you by Q Bazaar. A classic pattern, an absorbent fabric, and a soft texture make it a must-have! Ideal for classic and minimally-themed dining spaces, it is yarn-dyed wherein the yarns of the cotton cloth are dyed before they are handwoven. However, this process is usually not employed to achieve a solid-colored cloth. Instead, multiple, complex stripes and checkered patterns are achieved by carefully dyeing the yarn with select colors that are known only to the artisans. Unlike printed designs, yarn-dyed offerings are authentic, rich in color, and evenly decorate both sides of the textile. Demanding time, energy, and focus, yarn-dyeing is not a method of choice for mass manufacturers. It is the local weavers and artisans who strive to keep this technique alive!

Colors :Beige

Production Method :Yarn-Dyed

Material Description :Cotton

Size(L x B x H) :70 x 15 x 0 Inches

Weight :260 grams

Pack Contents :1 Table runner

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