Cork Cactus

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Everyone’s favourite, slow growing, spiky pot-plant is happy with very little water. But Cork Cactus requires NO water or maintenance at all. Even better, you can pin stuff to it and keep knick-knacks and tiny desk clutter in the terracotta pot. Supplied with a handful of push-pins that brilliantly replicate spikes and tiny flowers of desert cacti. A thoughtful gift for anyone who yearns for a pot-plant but works in a dry, repressive office with no windows or natural light. Magazine Cafe brings to you a curated selection of the finest Gift brands in the world.

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  • Manufacturer/Publisher-SUCK UK
  • Ceramic (Earthenware)-0.078 Kg
  • Wood (Cork)0.038 Kg
  • Metal (Stainless Steel)-0.002 Kg
  • Plastic (PP) Polypropylene-0.001 Kg
  • Paper and Card packaging-0.002 Kg
  • Plastic Cellophane packaging-0.001 Kg
  • Width-70 mm
  • Height-70 mm
  • Depth-130 mm
  • Weight-0.119 Kg

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