Brass Label Plate

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These label plates are inspired by a brass plate like a drawer on a dark wood shelf in a letterpress factory that has been around for decades. Use the attached strong double-sided sticker to attach it to the notebook cover or box. In addition, it is also wonderful to sew it on leather accessories or book covers by passing the thread through the holes where the eyelets are fastened. Not only will it be useful as a headline, but the texture of the brass will make you feel nostalgic and warm every time you use it. Magazine Cafe brings to you a curated selection of the finest Stationery brands in the world.

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  • Manufacturer/Publisher-TRAVELER'S COMPANY/Midori
  • Item-82022006
  • Package / in polypropylene bag, H 4.1" x W 7.8" x D 0.15"
  • Label plate / H 0.7" x W 1.7"mm, 6 clips (with double-sided sticker)

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