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ColorMunki Design

Pantone Code: MEU115

ColorMunki Design is a simple calibration tool to help ensure your laptop or desktop monitors are consistent and displaying proper color values. Use with just one LCD or LED monitor or on several to maintain accuracy from monitor to monitor. Wizard-driven software program utilizes the same color engine technology found in professional-level color calibration solutions.



1 Single Issue
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  • Spectrophotometer with integrated white calibration tile
  • Protective bag which doubles as an integrated monitor holder
  • ColorMunki Design Software
  • Includes color index


  • Swing from palette to palette utilizing any color from the visible spectrum. You can easily:
  • Capture colors and calibrate all your monitors, printers and projectors
  • Create and name unlimited custom color palettes
  • Select colors from Pantone and other built-in libraries
  • Select colors from dynamically associated harmony, variation and similar colors
  • Capture any color from any substrate
  • Automatically extract color from any image
  • Search color themes by words like “fresh”, “sporty” or “vivid”
  • Advanced display calibration

Product Application

  • ColorMunki Design provides you with essential communication functions such as:
  • Automatically synchronize palettes to Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign®, and QuarkXpress® or export to your favorite design and photo applications
  • Add colors from your OS picker
  • View color data in LAB, CMYK, and sRGB