Bloom Tea Gift Set - 12 Tin Caddy Set

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100+ Cups Indulge in a play of flavors with this exquisite gift set of 12 of our most alluring in-house blends. We've got you covered for those rare and special occasions with an enticing gift collection of 12 of our most alluring in-house blends. A perfect symphony of taste and good health, our Bloom Gift box packs 12 signature blends of Black tea, Green tea, Chai tea, and herbal tisanes. Magazine Cafe brings to you a curated selection of the finest Gift brands in the world.

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  • Manufacturer/Publisher-Vahdam teas
  • Item-vt-01
  • The Set Contains Cardamom Masala Chai Tea Loose Leaf - 7.06oz, Fennel Spice Masala Chai Tea - 3.53 oz, Ginger Masala Chai Tea - 7.06oz, Double Spice Masala Chai Tea - Strong and Spicy - 7.06 oz, Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea Tisane - 7.06oz, Turmeric Tulsi Herbal Tea Tisane - 7.06oz, High Mountain Second Flush Oolong Tea - 3.53oz, Classic English Breakfast Black Loose Leaf Tea - 3.53oz, Darjeeling Premium First Flush Black Loose Leaf Tea - 3.53oz, Roasted Darjeeling Black Tea - 3.53oz, Assam Exotic Second Flush Black Tea Leaves - 3.53oz,Himalayan Green Tea Loose Leaf - 3.53oz

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