Slendy Plus Refill- Pack of 5

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This is a fantastic little addition to your office supplies toolkit. Super slim, the super-strong metal holder holds an effective little eraser for tackling errors with extreme precision. A button on the side of the holder -- that's the knock part - extends the eraser slightly or completely for easy replacement. A strong clip allows you to keep the Slendy+ at hand by clipping to a pocket or inside a notebook. One eraser is included with the holder. Eraser refills are available in sets of two. Magazine Cafe brings to you a curated selection of the finest Stationery brands in the world.

Sale price$10.00
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  • Manufacturer/Publisher-SEED
  • Item No.-EH-SR
  • Holder with one eraser .4 x 4"
  • Refills (set of two) .33 x 2.75"
  • Pack of 5 products

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