Drawing+ Graphic Marker Pasta 5 Fluorescent Colors Set

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PASTA soft marker is a solid graphic marker that features vivid color smooth drawing experience. The marker feels like a crayon but it's water-based and diverse for color mixing by shading and layering. The dimension of the marker is made of a square core of 4mm by 7mm, which is easy to paint on small places. It can be used not only as a drawing material but also as a line marker. In 2018, Kokuyo started a new initiative "Kokuyo Colors", which aims to create new types of drawing tools for adults, and PASTA is the first product from the initiative. Magazine Cafe brings to you a curated selection of the finest Stationery brands in the world.

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  • Manufacturer/Publisher-Kokuyo
  • Item-KE-SP15-5
  • The set comes with 5 colors, which includes fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, fluorescent blue, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green 
  • Also available in regular 10 Color Set
  • Refill

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