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I Am Kind, Confident and Brave: An Inspirational Coloring Book For Boys

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A groundbreaking coloring book to build a boy's confidence, creativity and spirit I Am Kind, Confident & Brave is the inspirational new coloring book that explores what it is to be Strong, Smart, Respectful, Determined, Kind, Thankful, Creative, Hard-Working and so much more. It uses the science of positive psychology to help the child focus on their strengths, good character and positive attributes, which in turn shapes their future in a positive direction. It has been shown to: • Boost self-esteem • Teach positive focus • Cultivate optimism and confidence • Foster creativity and expression • Relieve stress and reverse negativity Magazine Cafe brings to you a curated selection of the finest Gift brands in the world.

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  • Manufacturer/Publisher-Bright Start Boys
  • Item No.- bsb-01
  • 25 pages of inspiring drawings. Each page helps to reinforce a particular strength, such as 'I am Patient', 'I am Brave', 'I am Smart' and 'I am Determined'. Hours of fun. With hundreds of different illustrations, the child has so much to explore and color.
  • Positive and educational. This unique activity book is designed to flood the boy with positive self-images and beliefs. They get to explore what it means to be successful, brave, creative and confident.
  • THE PERFECT GIFTThis book is completely unique so makes for an extra-special gift that will instil positive values while providing hours of entertainment. It's the perfect activity book for a toddler, preschooler, kindergartner or school-aged child from 3-10.
  • HUNDREDS OF ILLUSTRATIONS TO EXPLOREHere are just some of the marvelous drawings you will find inside: bird, cloud, sun, happy face, book, motorcycle, helicopter, dog, friend, family, cat, skateboard, ice cream, spaceman, rocket, baseball hat, satellite, telescope, laptop, truck, car, sneakers, t-shirt, mobile phone, owl, bear, cupcake, stars, pets, planet, cactus, monkey, karate practice, ghost, camera, watch, sailing boat, balloon, rainbow, headphones, superhero, paint, canvas, binoculars, snowman, castle, music notes - and so much more!

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